G.B.M. Ltd.

G.B.M. Ltd. for construction, trade and services.

About us

G.B.M. Ltd. for construction, trade and services was established in 1992 and is 100% privately owned. The company is headquartered in Zagreb, Iločka ulica 9.

From its foundation until today, the company has been engaged in various activities; representation of foreign companies, import and sale of various products (PVC profiles, accessories for PVC joinery, construction materials, equipment, etc.).

The company is, among other things, registered for the activities of design, construction organization, professional construction supervision and engineering.


In recent years, the company’s business has been mainly concentrated on the real estate business; purchase, adaptation and leasing of business premises, and in addition to the above, the company is also engaged in renting apartments in the center of Zagreb, whether it is a short-term lease (apartments) or a long-term lease.

The tenants of our business premises are mostly reputable companies; banks, lawyers, notaries, project organizations, consulting companies, etc., and in the business facility Lučko large wholesale and manufacturing companies.